Counseling & therapy @ Brussels office

How far can you get in an hour?

From Brussels in about an hour you can get to Paris, Rotterdam, Berlin, London or Copenhagen. Either one of them seems fine for a temporary change in perspective, but none of them can compare to the long term changes in perspective that happen during therapy, in just one hour per week.

Leaving metaphors aside I can tell how seeing a psychologist can help right from the start. The key is in the confidentiality. Even from our first contact to settle an appointment (either by phone or email) anything that you will choose to share with me, it’s protected by confidentiality by law. What does this mean to you? Well, it brings you liberation. It releases all the energy that was used by holding back words and thoughts – because maybe it was not the right time or not the right person to say them to. As a psychologist I am like a mirror to you. Seeing yourself through me, you can try in all safeness to express whatever is holding you back.

And you can talk about whatever is of importance to you right in that moment. I know in the movies the scenes depicting a therapy session are quite often with someone laying down and going on forever and ever about their past and parents and “How did that make you feel?” type of questioning. I cannot speak for all the therapist, but I choose to look at you from more points of view. You are much more than that: you are your past, your emotions, your present, your way of thinking, you are part of all your relationships, as well as you are your future plans, dreams and hopes. It will be your therapy and you will be the one that will set the destination course.

At my office I offer consultations for adolescents and adults. If you are thinking about investing just one hour per week in your future development, contact me with any questions you may have. I will gladly answer them. Here you can find information about fees, reimbursements and availability. You can find my office in Brussels, in between Montgomery and Merode. Here you can request an appointment and you can find all the necessary information about access.