Miruna NEGRILA | Psychologist, Psychotherapist

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Miruna and I am an English speaking psychologist and integrative psychotherapist.

I know it may sound overwhelming when you first start to read about the many forms and practices that psychotherapy has today: psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive, humanistic or integrative psychotherapy. I don’t want to lose your attention while telling about you the development of psychotherapy throughout history. I want to tell you about my history. I hope that by getting to know my vision you can better decide how I can be of assistance to you.

I am one of those people who discovered their passion in high-school. I had an extraordinary teacher who introduced me to psychology and I was swept away by it. Like a puzzle taking form right under my eyes, I saw how our mind and psyche are working together in giving us a sense of purpose and wellbeing. From that moment I fell in love with psychology, with people and with their subtle and fascinating ways of living.

I went on and attended both Psychology and Sociology specializations at the Bucharest University (2008-2011). The latter gave me a clearer image of how our existence is always taking place inside a group, a system – which sometimes can have quite the influence on our wellbeing. But I found a greater interest in learning what is it that our mind does to face the reality around us. For this reason I chose psychotherapy as my specialty.

I’ve obtained my Master degree in Assessment, counseling and psychotherapy for couples, family and child (2011-2013). Each one of us has several roles that we simultaneous have to perform. In the same time we are ourselves, our passions, our professional persona, we are our friends and our family – someones husband / wife / partner / someones daughter / son / someones brother / sister / or mother / father. All these come together in the construction of the bigger picture that completes your image. Either we are talking about your family of origin or we look at the new family that we choose to form for ourselves, we are never faraway from the influence they have upon us. If part of your worries and troubles rise from any of these concerns, I can offer you guidance and support.

We are all beautiful in our diversity. I like to look at all the things that makes us different – from our preferences for food or clothes to our strong beliefs and personality traits. Especially if we are talking about the subtle differences of our psychological development, I realized that I needed a greater working flexibility to better adjust to the person in front of me. For that reason I specialized in integrative psychotherapy (2011-2013). What does that mean? Well, for me it means that I do not believe that there is an universal pattern of therapy that works wonders for everybody. With integrative psychotherapy I took contact with several therapeutic approaches and I developed a strong curiosity to further explore different ideas, finding the one that works wonders for you.

Years have passed and I am still passionate about my practice. Like a puzzle that keeps extending I’ve kept on exploring and learning. With the internet facilitating access to courses worldwide I was able to further extend my knowledge in:

  • Positive Psychology with Martin Seligman at Pennsylvania University (2019),
  • Existential Wellbeing at Leuven University (2020)

I would love to enjoy the full benefits that psychotherapy has to offer with you, via online sessions from wherever your path has taken you to around the globe.