Hi! My name is Miruna and I am an English speaking psychologist.

As good as the promise of living a happy and peaceful life sounds, nobody can ever guarantee it happening. And it is my belief that it would take away from us exactly what makes life special and beautiful. What lies within us is the power and courage of saying YES to opportunities and enjoy life especially in these circumstances.

I know it is easier said than done! I am sharing with you the same path towards trying to live a meaningful and fulfilled life. I know how difficult it can be for change to finally start happening and so I am more than motivated to stay alongside you, until you get where you want to be.


Retrospective | Yalom’s legacy on the meaning of life

When I’ve heard about the possibility of seeing Irvin Yalom on more time, online, during an interview with The School of Life, I was thrilled about the possibility. Almost in an instant, I was drawn back in my early days of discovering this amazing puzzle, that psychotherapy represents for me. Yalom was a big part of that puzzle. His books, his approach, his wisdom, had all a big influence in the way I was dreaming about myself as a psychotherapist.