Once upon a time … in therapy

I don’t want to talk to you about the working definitions of what psychotherapy is or what psychologists in general can do. What I want is to tell you about my approach, as personal as it can be. Right from the start I need to tell you that I don’t posses some sort of a secret knowledge, like a special key or a secret recipe, to a long and prosper life like the ones in the fairy-tales when:

I believe we are all unique and you are the only one who already has the answers to your challenges. I know at times it doesn’t seem like that to you. Your judgement seems to be clouded, your emotions don’t fit your normal state. All in all nothing makes sense. In this land of confusion is where I have my specialty. I know that we are much more than I am / not OK. Somewhere in between black and white are countless undertones of grey, where life actually happens. And let’s not even start talking about colors. You can think of me as a guide in these grey regions. I have some ideas and tools on how to navigate around these lands, but they are your lands. You own the map. Together we share the journey.

I know thinking about getting in contact with a psychologist is not easy. It’s not that feeling confused it’s not enough on its own. But sometimes you start thinking about what the others will say about you for going to see a psychologist – I must be crazy, right?!

As I am writing this down I start thinking about the words said by the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland: We are all mad in here. I know we are not some characters in Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland, but our own internal universe, our psyche, is just as extraordinary. Our mind gives its best in processing all our daily experiences, trying to assimilate everything while building us a strong self-esteem. But just as Alice experienced quite some odd events, we also encounter difficulties in processing all that life has to give for us. And we know so well what life can be capable of bringing to us. There is no one who doesn’t encounter problems or difficulties in their life. We all have them – We are all mad in here! But just the ones who want to face them and properly handle their problems choose to come to therapy.

I hope you can find among the pages of my webiste some answers to the issues that brought you here.

I also hope that you will give me the chance to meet you in person and help you see past the blocking issues at the present moment.

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